Text Box: Welcome to St Marie’s, Southport
In the Pastoral Area of Southport and the Archdiocese of Liverpool
“my spirit exults in God my Saviour”

St Marie’s, 25 Seabank Road, Southport, PR9 0EJ

Tel: 01704 531229       

E-mail: stmaries.southport@rcaolp.co.uk

Website: www.stmariessouthport.org.uk

Parish Priest: Fr John Heneghan

Mission statement of the Archdiocese of Liverpool:

“Taking to heart the last words of the Lord Jesus, we will go into the world to proclaim

the Good News to the whole of Creation”.

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In hospital?  Your spiritual and religious care is just as important as your physical, psychological and social needs. Due to the situation with the Coronavirus only the priests from our chaplaincy team are allowed in at the moment when requested by the staff if someone is very poorly, so no one is able to receive Holy Communion on the wards as normal. Please hold all who are sick or frail in our hospital, hospice and care homes in prayer….together with all those who care for them.

The Sunday Obligation is still suspended

We can still……

· Follow Mass online through the Archdiocese if you can here

· Pray the Rosary in your homes

· Join in prayer with other parishioners praying the Rosary at 7pm on Sundays


As these difficult and challenging times continue, we still walk in His Light together, nourished by His mighty Word and His Presence that whispers to our souls "remain in my love"....."do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid"....."Trust me"

Rainbows of hope from the children

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Today’s first reading tells us how Elijah thought he would experience God in a strong heavy wind, or in an earthquake or fire. Instead He found God in a gentle breeze.....a tiny whispering sound.  If we are to hear God in our big and noisy world we need to find quiet time alone, because sometimes the still quiet voice of calm has the power to be heard above the loudest of storms. For many people they look for God whenever there’s a “storm or “earthquake” in their lives, for others they take time every day to listen for the ‘tiny whispering sound’. The Gospel today tells us how Peter and the disciples were able to hear Jesus’ voice in the storm, how reassuring to hear the words that Jesus spoke. “Courage...it is I, do not be afraid.” As members of the Church, during this difficult time for so many people, we can take great comfort from those words.  Jesus recognises that there will be times of stress and danger when our faith will be sorely tested, but this does not mean that God is not with us. There are times for all of us when our faith seems strong and we feel we can do anything - but the fact remains that, when the storms hit and the doubts set in, we can feel that we are sinking beneath the waves. Our faith is tested to its limits - and we can feel overwhelmed. It takes huge trust to continue - reaching out into the darkness and hoping that Jesus will be there to hold us safe. Be assured He will!  Every time Peter fell, he rose again. His failures only made him love the Lord more deeply and trust him more intently. The Lord keeps watch over us at all times, and especially in our moments of despair and difficulty. How blest we are to believe and trust in the Lord. Praise Him at all times!!

St Marie’s is now open for Mass

8.30am and 10am Sunday

12noon Tuesday to Saturday

St Patrick’s is open for Mass

6pm Saturday and 11.30am Sunday

· Please note – All of us must wear a face-covering in Church

· We can only allow 64 people in for each Mass in St Marie’s 56 people for each Mass in St Patrick’s

· Sunday Mass Obligation has not been reinstated by the Bishops, so don’t feel you are expected to come

· Some of you may wish to come to a weekday Mass instead of Sunday.


I Keeping you all in prayer.

Fr John

Text Box: A letter from the Archbishops about the reopening of Churches

Information from the Archdiocese on the cautious re-opening of our Churches for public worship


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